1. Children and Domestic Violence: Summary of State Laws

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    the definition can include more specific behaviors such as burglary, criminal trespass, arson, sexual assault, or violation of a protective order. The persons protected by domestic violence laws can include spouses or former spouses, persons who live or have lived together or have a dating relationship, or other family or household members.

  2. Domestic Violence/Domestic Abuse Definitions and Relationships


    52  · A dating relationship does not include a casual or business relationship.

      AlabamaAla. Code §30-5-2(1) ABUSE. The occurrence o(5) PLAINTIFF. Fo
      AlaskaAlaska Code §18.(3) "domestic violence" and "c(5) "household me
      ArizonaAriz. Rev. Stat. AnA. "Domestic violence" mean1. The relationship
      ArkansasArk. Stat. Ann. § Varying degrees of domestic (1) (A) "Dating relat
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    Top definition FWB unknown see 'friends with benefits' casual relationship implying no committment, but involving companionship (the friends bit) and some sort of physical element like making out, sex, baseball (the benefits). although rumored to be a myth, absolutely possible.

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    connection - a relation between things or events (as in the case of one causing the other or sharing features with it); "there was a connection between eating that pickle and having that nightmare" connectedness, connexion

  8. Cohabitation legal definition of cohabitation


    Cohabitation implies that the parties are having sexual intercourse while living together, but the definition would not apply to a casual sexual encounter. Legal tests have been filed to determine whether cohabitation would refer to same sex partners, which is important to those involved since "cohabitation" is the basis of certain rights and ...

  9. Youth and Young AdultsUnited Way of Connecticut


    Dating Violence/Teen Dating Violence Dating violence includes psychological and emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. It occurs with casual dating or serious long term relationships. Signs of Abuse in Your Dating Relationship:

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